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Each potential event begins with a pre-event questionnaire. A Critical Path Analysis is then completed to determine the major registration milestones that must be met. ProReg's staff and your organization collaborate to design an intelligent registration form to capture standard attendee information as well as critical demographics and any other event specific information needed to provide a meaningful basis for post-event reporting. Each client is given the opportunity to design custom reports based on any combination of attendee demographics/event specific data.


ProReg's backend infrastructure is designed to seamlessly accept delegate registration via the Internet, mail, fax and phone. Registration submissions are processed on arrival with information being consolidated into a series of Web Based pre-registration reports. 'These reports are available anytime, anywhere, 24/7, on a secure, event specific, website to enable a planner to make event specific decisions during the registration process. Once processing has been completed the delegate is sent a confirmation/receipt via E-mail, mail, or fax. During this pre-registration process ProReg is the point of contact to manage all delegate inquiries, questions, and potential changes.

On-site Registration

ProReg provides management for the entire on-site registration process. The on-site manager will train and manage temporary staff, distribute delegate information packages, register walk-ins, provide ad-hoc reporting, administer tradeshow lead retrieval process, act as an information centre for the event, provide customer service, and assist the planner in any way during the entire event. Our goal is to eliminate the stress and headaches involved with all aspects of registration and by providing an on-site manager we accomplish that very effectively.

Post-Event Reporting

ProReg custom designs each event registration form to allow for the collection of specific information for that organization's use. There are several standard reports that can be accessed at anytime during the entire registration process including: Delegate list by last name, Delegate list by registration category, region, and country, Delegate count by registration category, Activity participation, Workshop/session participation, Guest/companion list and Hotel rooming list. However, at the end of the event, specialized reports can be produced to show more specific delegate patterns, lessons learned and recommendations for subsequent events.

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