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Our aim is to build long-term business relationships. We want to anticipate and exceed client expectations. The foundation for this is our Service Policy which clearly explains the standards our clients can expect from ProReg and those which we demand of ourselves. This document describes these standards and states our commitment to maintaining them.

Service Approach

We are committed to working with courtesy, professionalism and respect at all times. In that way, we hope to achieve our goals and, in turn, earn our client’s loyalty.

A ProReg client should expect to receive the best possible service every time when dealing with one of our representatives.

At ProReg we are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals. To do so effectively, we must provide clients and their delegates with convenient and reliable services and options.

User Friendly Services

ProReg has dedicated extensive time and resources to develop and promote the technological advancement of the registration process. We recognize registration as a separate field of expertise. We have developed our own software to provide customized registration to meet the particular and varying needs of event planners. Our mandate is to use the latest technology as our tool to make registration highly cost effective and straightforward for both the planner and delegate to use.

We aim to enable our clients to take advantage of our latest advancements to make our services as convenient as they can be. To this end we offer proactive and educational consultation to our clients both pre and post event.

We have gone even further in our efforts to provide service by developing an event registration education source in the form of modules. When completed, these modules will be available for clients and students to update their knowledge and understanding of the range of registration services available. Our education service can ease the client’s transition from traditional methods to those embracing today’s technology.

Working to Improve The Quality Of Our Services

At ProReg, we consider customer satisfaction a critical measure of our success. We work hard to understand our market needs and to provide a full range of technically advanced services designed to meet all registration goals. We constantly review how we do business in order to improve our services and make them simple to use.

Clarity In Communication

Clear communication applies to our written documents as well as during our meetings with clients. Our brochures, web pages, proposals and our registration forms are designed with simplicity and in plain language, to make them easier to understand.

Clarity In Our Fee Structure

We base our fee structure on three principles:

1. It should be simple to understand.
2. It should reflect our commitment to deliver options and value.
3. It should provide choices to reduce or even eliminate unnecessary costs

We have worked hard to develop the simplicity of our pricing structure by including many service elements into one core package at a singularly competitive rate. However, due to the necessity to be flexible toward client need, our fee structure acts as a guide only. If we cannot provide a service we will explain why and suggest alternatives.

Privacy Protection

We respect the privacy and integrity of information shared with us. We see this as our responsibility and a minimum standard for meeting customer service expectations.

We are expanding our services and also the technology we use to provide them. However, keeping information and affairs confidential and protecting privacy is fundamental to the way we do business.

Customer Care Centre

ProReg offers a Customer Care Centre to the meeting planner with any questions or concerns. A Customer Care Representative can be reached Toll Free at: 1-866-760-2005 during business hours (Pacific Time)

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