Save Money

* Eliminate the need to hire and manage additional staff to handle the registration Process
* Lower overhead by reducing the cost of printing, processing, mailing, and long distance calls
* Avoid purchasing additional software and upgrades or paying software licensing fees.

Save Time

* Reduce staff time in handling details like registration changes or fee collection
* Manage registration receivable more efficiently
* Simplify production of names badges and event tickets

Increase Attendance

* Make registration quick and convenient with an on-line system
* Increase attendee interest with broadcast e-mail marketing

Improve Customer Service

* Increase delegate satisfaction with anytime, anywhere access to on-line registration
* Add the convenience of registering for everything in one place on-line
* Handle delegate inquiries efficiently through the personalized call centre
* Eliminate disappointment with instant notification of full sessions and wait list options
* Guarantee confidence with secure on-line credit card transactions

Improve Data Accuracy

* Eliminate lost registrations or illegible handwritten forms that staff can't decipher
* Improve attendance accuracy for meal functions, workshops, tours, etc.

Maintain Control

* Customize the registration form design for your needs
* Stay on top of registration status and profitability with up-to-the-minute Web reports

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Customized Registration Form Pre-Event Registration
Abstract Management On-Line Processing
Housing Management Name Badges
Lead Retrieval On-Site Management
Multilingual Registration Services In-house Call Centre