Online Information

ProReg Registration Solutions has identified the shelf life of printed brouchures as an unnecessary cost of doing business. Please feel free to select as many or all of the eBrochures below to gain further understanding of what ProReg does, how it has evolved, and why any planning for upcoming events should include a call to ProReg. If you would like the information in printed format please call our toll-free number 866-760-2005 or contact

General Information for downloading and Printing
1. 20 Questions every event planner should ask.
2. ProReg Service Policy
3. Sample RFP - when considering the option of out out-sourcing registration it is imperative that a number of suppliers be given the opportunity to provide a proposal. Get them to give you a quote on the same service to be provided by starting with a comprehensive Request For Proposal
4. Pre-Propoals Questionnaire - To make the process easier ProReg is supplying you with a word document of the sample RFP

In addition to these eBrochures please visit our Recent Events page for an overview of the different events for which ProReg has provided a registration service.